I'm Corina. 
Nice to meet you.

I rethink the patient- and delivery- experience through healthcare innovation and design thinking.  

I also blog, vlog and run a podcast called Healthcare Focus and actively volunteer to make the world a better place through the Sustainable Development Goals.

What I do...

Welcome to Healthcare Focus

Welcome to Healthcare Focus


Bringing a human touch to Health Tech.

My work philosophy.

I believe in the union of data and creative methods.  From design thinking to complex systems thinking tools,  from data analytics to physical computing, from HCI (human-computer-interaction) to visual thinking and from strategy to implementation: I believe complementary tools and focus brings unique perspectives to complex, human-centered healthcare projects.


My Previous Work



Here's what people who have worked with me say...


Corina has a keen sense for marketing and consumer engagement.  She is a big picture thinker with a strategic eye for program design. She brings creativity and outside the box thinking to her work.

Mara Leff,
Director of Innovation,
Jewish Healthcare Foundation

" It is a rare art form to foster space for creative problem solving and team building.  I have seen Corina master this art form and bring together groups to drill down complex human problems while accommodating the emotional and physical space to experience collective problem-solving."

Monia Poncik,
Design Thinking Lead,
Design Collective

Corina brings systematic analysis that illuminates complex situations.  Her wonderful personality that makes working with her a joy.

Michael Morehead, 
Syglass, Surgical VR Glasses

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